Based on events beyond our control in relation to climate and state of emergency in the Caribbean, on Tuesday June 30, motivated and concerned to provide greater security to our users, we proceed to move the date of the event Ticoman BEAT 2015 for Sunday July 26, 2015.
According to reports, weather forecasts and income Tropical Waves is expected that the situation of rains continue until next week, which is why we do not want any problems in the transfers and states of the ways for participants and their families.
Policies Moving Date:
to. Because the production of all material and Participant Kit was developed, the amount of the registration fee is non-refundable.
b. The amount of the registration if TRANSFERABLE, but the participant who will transfer the Registration will be given the size of ready-made shirt.
c. The amount of registration is not transferable for another event Agenda Multi Challenge Adventure.
d. Reserves in the Caribbean Hotel and Villas Hotel Paradise Island are moving at no cost to the weekend of 25 and 26 July, on the same days of entry, according to the reservation made.
e. If the client does not want the TRANSFER OF RESERVATION, policy Moneyback contemplate a charge of 10% on the amount paid and the client has until July 9 to confirm the return. July 9 until July 16, the charge will be 50%, and after this date no returns.
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