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Hotel Costa Rica Puerto Viejo Blue Conga

Blue Conga

Hotel Blue Conga Located in Puerto Viejo right between the lively center of Puerto Viejo and Playa Cocles, surf spot, the Blue Conga is a tropical haven of serenity in a lush natural park. It alone offers tranquility and peace close to all activities. His ranch and pool are gems integration in nature and environmental philosophy creates a space in harmony with the lifestyle of the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

Blue Conga Hotel offers the best quality and price convenience that can be proposed to Puerto Viejo. Your stay will always be personalised and we will guide and advise you in all their discoveries and activities associated with accessible, reliable and proven.

Blue Conga

This little gemstone of integration will leave the impression of a natural pool with a waterfall in the middle of a lush and flowery thousand species in which frolic freely hummingbirds, morpho butterfly and all their friends fond of hospitality offered to them.

Activities can be offered according to demand. It always unanimously to our customers.

On the model of traditional buildings natives, rancho lounge welcomes you for breakfast and at all times of the day to relax or entertain.

The Atlantic coast offers unspoiled beaches, forested mountains, coconut palms and pineapple and banana plantations. The wild beauty of the area and cultural diversity make the Caribbean an alternative destination for those wishing to avoid the more touristy areas of the country.

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Limon is the least populated province of Costa Rica and the slow pace makes this a great place to relax, swim, sunbathe, and snorkel off beautiful white and black sand beaches.

The ethnic mix of the Limon province is comprised of African Caribbeans who make up one third of the population and the indigenous communities of the Bribi living in the foothills of the Talamanca mountains. There is also a large Chinese population. It is the cultural influence of these ethnic groups which adds to the flavour of the Caribbean zone.