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Puerto Viejo Restaurant Bread and Chocolate

Bread & Chocolate

In Bread & Chocolate you and your companions will be surprised with this place, one of the most successful for breakfasts and lunches in Puerto Viejo. Considered one of the best coffee shops in the area by tourist guides.

In Bread & Chocolate they make their own CHOCOLATE with which they make fabulous brownies, cakes, truffles and other sweets. They received the award for the best brownie in the Caribbean.

Bread & Chocolate

The owner, Tom Franklin, also offers the making of cakes (cakes) for his special occasions. Located in the center of Puerto Viejo, you can get there quickly from anywhere.

Bread & Chocolate is a small bakery and cafeteria, all natural, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. We offer a variety of freshly baked products such as unleavened bread, bread, muffins and brownies (this year we have received the award for the best brownie in the area). We also make other homemade desserts such as chocolate truffles and cakes.

Come and try the best chocolate in the area!

For breakfast we offer scrambled eggs with potatoes or fruit and bagels, bread or biscuits, whole wheat pancakes, cookies, and fruit salad with yogurt and granola.

For lunch a variety of sandwiches are offered, such as Jamaican chicken barbecue, grilled cheese, or peanut butter and classic jelly, with homemade peanut butter and strawberry jam.

To drink we offer different shakes of fresh fruits, freshly squeezed orange juice, and your own coffee in French press.


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