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The main attractions in the Caribbean of Costa Rica are ecological activities, related to nature, animals and beach sports (snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, etc.)

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Top things to do in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

Surfing Puerto Viejo has long attracted a crowd of surfers with its famous waves. Salsa Brava, the most powerful wave in Costa Rica, breaks the shallow reef in Puerto Viejo. For beginner and intermediate surfers, check out Cocles Beach vacations for constant waves. Snorkeling / Diving When conditions are right, some of the beaches south of Puerto Viejo can be...

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica

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Jaguar Rescue Center Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Jaguar Rescue Center

Since the Jaguar Rescue Center started their work in 2008, they have rescued an average of 500 to 700 animals per year and successfully released more than 40% of them back to their natural habitat. Jaguar Rescue Center is happy showing the Center to the visitors and presenting the animals and their hardworking volunteers. When you visits them, you are contributing to...

Costa Rica Puerto Viejo Surf School


One of the best ways to make a great vacation quickly horrible is to choose the wrong accommodations for your trip. There is nothing quite as bad as spending a great day of vacation only to come back to a less-than-great place to stay for the night. Anytime you are away from home it is important to choose the best accommodations for your comfort and enjoyment. It...