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Cahuita Restaurant Local Fish, Seafood and Pasta... Italian style !!!

Local fish with Italian style cuisine

Amazing experience eating at “Sobre las Olas” Restaurant in Cahuita In Cahuita there are many restaurants to choose from … if you only have a few days to visit, so you have to choose the best ones for your taste. If you like fish and get to know the local food, in the...

Kenaki Lodge Beachfront Hotel in Cahuita

Kenaki Lodge

Kenaki Lodge is a newly built, luxurious and well-kept accommodation. You will be facing the beach, being able to see it from some of the rooms and bungalows. Kenaki Lodge is removed from the center, in an intimate and quiet place, to enjoy your stay with your partner or with your family...

Casa Marcellino Hotel in Cahuita

Casa Marcellino

At Casa Marcellino, located in Cahuita, you and your companions will be totally satisfied with this place. Casa Marcellino has four wooden cabins made of wood that comes from ecological plantations, helping to preserve the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. You will arrive walking to the...

Horseback Riding Tours in Cahuita Beach and Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Horseback Riding Tours

Horseback Riding Tours in Cahuita by Brigitte Ranch Tours. Best family horse tours in Cahuita, next to Cahuita National Park! Horseback Riding Tour Horse-Riding for Children We have a special offer for children. Duration depends on the children´s age. Our guides are very experienced and...

Pizza Cahuita Restaurant

Pizza Cahuita

Maybe the best pizza in the Caribbean! Wood Oven Pizza in Cahuita. If you are a pizza lover… you SHOULD visit Pizza Cahuita. Pizza Cahuita I recommend you to taste this pizza, my favorite is the “caprichosa” pizza. Giuseppe is the owner and the pizza chef. Order your...

Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park the name Cahuita comes from the terms “Kawe” which means “Sangrillo” (tree in the area) and “Ta” which means “punta”, meaning “Punta Sangrillo”. This National Park has 23,290 hectares of marine coverage and...

Willies Tours Costa Rica

Willies Tours Costa Rica

Curiosity is innate in all of us …. Yes, we like to learn interesting new things. That’s why we like to travel … isn’t it? El clima está perfecto para venir a explorar los arrecifes que encierra el Parque Nacional Cahuita, tiene una duración… Posted by...

Chocolate Tour

Chocolate Tour

Chocolate Tour is one of the most requested and visited attractions on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.
Chocolate Tour
Please contact Willie’s Tours for more information at: (+506) 2750-1024

Snorkeling Cahuita National Park

Snorkeling in Cahuita National Park

Snorkeling in Cahuita National Park is one of the most requested attractions in Costa Rica for fun and ecological adventures. Snorkeling in Cahuita National Park Because the Cahuita National Park is a protected area, it is mandatory to hire the services of a guide for snorkeling in the...