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Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica right now?

Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica right now?

Costa Rica is a very clean and safe place to visit. The coronavirus has not affected this beautiful country as much as others.

According to  US Travel State, you must be cautious, and not show signs of wealth, but these recommendations are the same that you, as a prudent person, can take into account without being told by an official body. You can check out the crime report in Costa Rica to verify that the statistics are not so alarming.

Costa Rica is one of the safest places to travel after coronavirus pandemia.

There are several reasons why Costa Rica is one of the safest places to travel in 2020 after the coronavirus.

Least Coronavirus Infections

It is the Latin American country with the least coronavirus infections
Statistics report that Costa Rica is the country in Latin America with the fewest infections. The Talamanca area has been a long time without having any case of coronavirus, no infected. This makes it one of the few places in the world that has been safe during the pandemic.

Costa Rica has a robust health system

It is a country with a robust health system, because Costa Rica does not spend resources on the army, it allows it to have a good enough health system to protect the tourists.


Hotels and restaurants have adapted with security systems
Social distancing has been applied to businesses so that tourists can enjoy their trip as safely as possible. The “covid free” badge can identify businesses that have taken security measures seriously.

Where NOT to go in Costa Rica

Despite the situation created by the virus, many hotels have adapted to take the necessary security measures. The COVID-FREE badge is used to identify hotels that have made the necessary changes for the safety of tourists during their trip.

Still, it must avoid places that have not taken measures or made changes in their structures to adapt to social distancing.

For your trip to Costa Rica, visit our list of recommended hotels in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.