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Jaguar Rescue Center Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Jaguar Rescue Center

Since the Jaguar Rescue Center started their work in 2008, they have rescued an average of 500 to 700 animals per year and successfully released more than 40% of them back to their natural habitat.

Jaguar Rescue Center is happy showing the Center to the visitors and presenting the animals and their hardworking volunteers. When you visits them, you are contributing to pay for our daily operations and to rescue the animals.

The income from the tours is used to provide food, medicine and shelter for the animals that are in the Center.

Jaguar Rescue Center – Adopt an animal

Every animal that we rehabilitate in the Rescue Center has associated a great economic expense that can sometimes be difficult to cover. When you decide to make a symbolic adoption of one of our animals you are helping to cover part of the expenses incurred and to support the rescue and rehabilitation process.

Of all the zone of the Caribbean, the Jaguar Rescue Center is the place where your are going to be able to see greater variety of wild animals together, in a tour of only 2 hours.

We love animals. Do you love animals?