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Puerto Viejo Restaurants La Terraza de Casa Verde

La Terraza Restaurant & Bar

The aim at our newly opened restaurant “La Terraza” (at Casa Verde hotel) is to provide a great selection of Gourmet Burgers using natural and locally sourced products wherever possible and to offer a fantastic range of craft beers not just from Costa Rica but also other countries.

Come and enjoy great food, delightful coffees, delicious cocktails and good vibes.

Located inside the Casa Verde Lodge hotel, La Terraza is an ideal place to share rich and special food, natural beer, and special burgers.

The hambiente is cozy and pleasant, ideal for people with a young spirit.

We recommend this place in the center of Puerto Viejo.

La Terraza Restaurant & Bar located in Casa Verde Lodge Hotel

La Terraza Restaurant and Bar in Puerto Viejo
La Terraza Restaurant and Bar in Puerto Viejo

The restaurant “La Terraza” offers promotions to taste their famous burgers with local beer. Check the validity of the offer with the restaurant.

Free National Beer when ordering any of our delicious gourmet burgers. (April 2018)


La Terraza is open 7 days a week from 7am until 11 am for breakfast then from 5pm until 10pm for dinner.

Soon it will be open all day for lunch too with no days off!

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Posted by la terraza Restaurant and Bar on Saturday, May 5, 2018

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