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Cahuita Restaurant Local Fish, Seafood and Pasta... Italian style !!!

Local fish with Italian style cuisine

Amazing experience eating at “Sobre las Olas” Restaurant in Cahuita

In Cahuita there are many restaurants to choose from … if you only have a few days to visit, so you have to choose the best ones for your taste.

If you like fish and get to know the local food, in the restaurant “Sobre las Olas” you can try local fish, fished by the fishermen of Cahuita, and with an Italian chef!!

Caribbean fish, seafood, beef, vegan, cocktails & wine cellar.

The prices are higher than in other restaurants in the area, but if you have exquisite tastes and a budget that allows it, then this is your place!

This restaurant is open at noon. Many restaurants in the area only open for dinner in the afternoon, but the restaurant “Sobre las Olas” opens for lunch or dinner.

Open from 12md to 9pm. Closed on Tuesday.

Our favorite dishes are tuna or red snapper fish. Also the ceviche, which is fish filleted thin with lemon dressing (it is different from ceviche in the area). And the mussels dish is one of the delights of the chef.

When you visit this place, ask for Chef Marco, the owner of the restaurant, and remind him that you have been recommended by the local guide Gabriel Anta. Marco will have a very special treatment with you, and a personalized attention.