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Maxi's Restaurant at Manzanillo

If Italy is Pizza then Manzanillo is ….

Something characteristic and that identifies a place is its typical food. When we talk about some typical foods, they always identify with a place or culture.

In the Caribbean of Costa Rica there are also cultures that have influenced food, including the Afro-American culture, who have been the inhabitants of the Caribbean for many years.

Another important factor that affects the dishes are the raw materials of the area, such as fish, seafood, aromas and other ingredients characteristic of each place.

Traveling to Italy and not eating pizza is like coming Manzanillo and not eating RONDON !

Maxi’s is one of the most famous and visited restaurants in Manzanillo.

Seafood dishes like RONDON soup and RICE AND BEANS CON POLLO, as their local recipes.

Maxi’s Restaurant in Manzanillo : The Story

This story starts in 1985 Mr Maxei hails from Pocora, he was the first butcher in Sixaola, he cames to Manzanillo to fishing then he saw the opportunity to opens a business in this town, he made a grocery store and a few booths.

But thes project takes a different turn whe his son Richard s combence he to opening a restaurant. Richard begins this challenge removing the bedrooms and installing 8 tables. The recipe for the labster is a legacy from hes father Maxei putting her personal touch, the ingredients he get them from his dad store.

For the first Easter the 8 tables were not sufficients, so they had to expand and put 8 more tables.

This is how this business and family legacy started, wich is now in the hands of his nephew Kent.

Have any other dishes you love at Maxi’s restaurant that we should try? Let us know in the comments below!