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Mopri Seafood Restaurant in Puerto Viejo


At Mopri Seafood Restaurant is a front beach restaurant, where you and your companions will be surprised with this place, one of the most successful for seafood and fish. We recommend the Caribbean sauce to accompany your fish.

Many neighbors who live in Puerto Viejo come eat at this restaurant, which indicates that it has a balance in terms of quality and price.

Mopri Seafood Restaurant

When you have your own fish market, you always have fresh fish.You can eat in front of the sea, one of the best views and with a nice breeze.

Exquisite CEVICHE freshly made ready to take away or to eat in the restaurant.
The owner, Ricardo, also offers the sale of fish and seafood next to the restaurant, which always guarantees the freshness of its ingredients.

The chef has great experience in the elaboration of dishes with seafood, and also surprises with his desserts.

Located on the main street of Puerto Viejo, on the promenade facing the sea (stanfords), it allows parking the car in a safe and guarded manner.

If you want quality seafood, this is the place. You can also buy at the fish market to take home.