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Puerto Viejo Wedding Photographer

Puerto Viejo Wedding Photographer

We all like stories … and the best stories are those of our family, of real life, the stories that we like to share in those fantastic days when we gather bulls around a table.

We all have a special table, around which we tell thousands of stories, laugh, and have fun with our loved ones.

From the grandparents to the little ones are around that special table telling a wonderful story, when someone says: “… where are the photos?

And this is where the photos of your wedding can become protagonists of the evening.

And it is also when a great stranger is responsible for the following moments to be memorable. Who is this stranger with so much power to make the tears of emotion go away, to make the dreams of the little ones in the house have those unforgettable memories?

Yes… “The Photographer“.

The photographer is the artist from whom nobody usually has a souvenir photo, but whose work will be reflected in your memories for the rest of the years.

For this reason, we like to photograph ourselves with the couple, so that they have a memory of our person, and that they can teach their children the visible face of that professional who has wanted to transmit his art through a camera.

Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to be part of your experience.

Please contact us to talk about your wedding…

Gabriel Anta Photographer +506.8869-9887

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