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Puerto Viejo Restaurants a Quick Trip to England at La Terraza Restaurant

Trip to England while in Puerto Viejo

Since I visited England for the first time at 11 years old, I was surprised to try their famous “fish and chips” that were unknown to me.

Many years ago from my last visit to England and I wanted to try them again, I even promised my wife that we could one day travel to England and try this delicious dish …

When suddenly … SURPRISE !!! Fish and Chips written in the mural of La Terraza Restaurant!

It was to be expected, being the owners of the place from England. I could not contain myself and I ordered a Fish and Chips dish.

I was totally surprised by the quality and the taste of this dish. I was able to talk to Marcus, the owner of the restaurant, and he explained that the fish is fresh of the day and his chef follows his instructions to cook it in the English style.

I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied. I’m looking forward to come another day to feel like I’m in England.

La Terraza Restaurant & Bar

At La Terraza whe had an amazing fish and chips and also a hudge and tasty burger.

Have any other dish at La Terraza Restaurant that you think we should try? Let us know in the comments below!