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Costa Rica Vacation Rental House Villas Puerto Viejo

Villas Puerto Viejo

In Villas Puerto Viejo you will live a Caribbean experience, we coordinate tours.
You can enjoy nature activities such as horse riding on the beach,
Kayak, surf and many other activities.

Villas Puerto Viejo

Villas Puerto Viejo is a private beachfront venue, making it ideal for sports such as surfing, beach volleyball and other activities.

It is a central place, 2 minutes from the center of Puerto Viejo, which allows you to enjoy the most fun activities of the Caribbean (surfing, snorkeling, canopy, etc.).

In addition to outdoor activities, we offer different options for when you want to stay at home. One of the most fun activities is the Caribbean cooking courses.

We are located in front of “Playa Negra” of Puerto Viejo. In the area there are different beaches with optimal conditions for surfing. Depending on the weather and the waves, you can surf on the beach that is most suitable for your knowledge.

We work with a serious company that offers surf lessons. They will help you choose the ideal board for you, be safe in the water, and catch the best wave!
The duration of the classes is 2 hours, and is priced at $ 70 USD per person (includes transportation from Villas Puerto Viejo).